Secondhand Tobacco Smoke Resources

Action on Smoking and Health

ASH has been a leader in this movement since 1967. ASH remains a leader in the fight against the harm caused by tobacco, working both domestically and globally on initiatives that include: Pushing for legal liability for the tobacco industry. Developing and distributing publications and research documents for tobacco control best practices; and Demanding respect for basic human rights and protections against the tobacco industry and their products.

The American Lung Association (ALA)

Health Effects of Secondhand Smoke

The ALA provides current statistics on deaths caused by secondhand tobacco smoke. The economic costs related to exposure to secondhand smoke in the workplace, secondhand smoke and children, lung cancer, and covers informaiton on other smoke exposures from hookah to marijuana smoke exposure.

American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF)

ANRF’s web-based resource focuses on virtually all aspects of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure, including numerous resources for organizations and individuals. ANRF includes information on thirdhand smoke, vaporizers, marijuana smoke, ventilation, and more.. Key links include how smoke damages health, Workers smoke exposure, and how children are threatened by secondhand smoke.

CDC – Centers for Disease Control

CDC Information on Secondhand Tobacco Smoke

The CDC offers information on secondhand smoke, including exposure to secondhand smoke, problems caused by secondhand smoke, and protecting children and families from secondhand smoke. The CDC also offers a regularly updated breakdown of smoking rates.

CDC Tips from Former Smokers (Secondhand Smoke)

The Community Preventive Services Task Force

Reducing Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke Exposure

A resource to help you select evidence based interventions to improve health and prevent disease in your state, community, community organization, business, healthcare organization, or school. Including intervention approaches to reduce tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure. The Task Force advocates for strong smokefree policies and higher tobacco taxes.

EPA – United States Environmental Agency

Secondhand Smoke – Smokefree Homes

EPA offers general information on secondhand tobacco smoke exposure, health effects, how to reduce exposure, and secondhand smoke resources. Resources include information on multiunit housing and links to governmental secondhand smoke and scientific web resources.

NCI – National Cancer Institute

Secondhand Tobacco Smoke

Provides resources on secondhand smoke, secondhand smoke measurements, chemical composition, secondhand smoke, and cancer, protecting your family, vaporizers, and steps that help to reduce exposure.

Secondhand Smoke offers smoking cessation services and resources and provides information on secondhand smoke for current smokers seeking support to quit tobacco use.

The Tobacco Trial Lawyers’ Association

The Tobacco Trial Lawyers’ Association is  a membership organization of trial attorneys and tobacco litigation specialists who wish to share resources and learn from members’ litigation experiences with tobacco industry defendants. 

Truth Initiative

Truth Initiative is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization dedicated to a future where tobacco and nicotine addiction are things of the past. Our mission: To achieve a culture where young people reject smoking, vaping, and nicotine.