Welcome to FAMRI

Flight Attendant Medical
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Welcome to FAMRI

Welcome to FAMRI

FAMRI dedicates this website to Flight Attendants who committed their lives to make air travel healthy and safe. FAMRI salutes and remembers those who gave their lives for safe skies and is especially proud of those Flight Attendants who fought for smoke-free cabins bringing significant change to the world.


FAMRI’s H-Index
A Legacy of Scientific Impact

An H-Index is a metric that gauges the research and publication of a scientist or agency. A 2013 study by American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) found that as an organization, FAMRI’s scientific impact was surpassed only by Harvard. Learn more>

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FAMRI Publications

FAMRI’s many publications continue to impact the science of secondhand tobacco smoke, exposure, and policies. This work is the foundation of FAMRI’s mission. Learn more>

FAMRI Research at Work

FAMRI-supported scientists tell their stories about how they became involved with FAMRI, their research, and how FAMRI support helped to launch their careers. View the videos here.

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