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Smoking and Body-Image

Silva Thins

Body image and the effects of smoking on hunger were used to target women, primarily, with body-image related advertising and thinner cigarettes.

Celebrities and Smoking

Silva Thins

Celebrities were employed in tobacco advertising to bring glamour to smoking and tobacco use. Many celebrities lost their lives to tobacco use.

Smoking as Protective to Health

Silva Thins

Cigarette makers used “health benefits of smoking,” including citing physicians to sell the safety of smoking, while never admitting to the known dangers of smoking.  The addition of filters, as well as low-tar, and light cigarettes, provide smokers with a sense of safety, and reasons to switch brands rather than to quit.

Smoking Aloft – A History of Smoking on Airlines

1938 Chesterfield - They Satisfy

Since the begining of commercial flight, smoking was allowed and even encouraged on airlines. Learn more about the history of smoking on airlines.

Broin and Engle Trials
Excerpts and History

1990s Broin Trial - Attorneys Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt

The Broin and Engle Trials, led by Stanley and Susan Rosenblatt, made profound and beneficial impacts on public health. This section illustrates the history and some of the testimony obtained by Stanley Rosenblatt during these historic trials.

Cigarettes Served
On Airlines

1952 - Chesterfields Ad with United Airlines - Sampling

Since the 1930s complimentary cigarettes were commonly distributed to passengers on airlines, contributing to dangerously high levels of secondhand tobacco smoke in airline cabins.

Tobacco in Military Rations

World War II - K-Ration Supper

Since World War I up until the 1970s, tobacco was a common additon to military rations resulting in the addiction of millions of troops.

Efforts to Develop a
“Safe Cigarette”

Heat not burn premier

In the early 1950s, as scientific evidence proved that cigarette smoking causes cancer and other diseases, efforts to develop a “safe cigarette” resulted in the addition of filters, the rise of low tar brands, and products that gave consumers the illusion of safety. There is no safe cigarette.

History of Cigarette
Warning Labels

FDA Proposed Warning Labels

In 1965 the US added the first health warning to cigarette packs. Since then, other counties have worked to better inform consumers by adding rotating graphic warning labels and plain packaging. However, US cigarette health warnings have not changed since the early 1980s.

Death In The West

Real Cowboy with Emphysema From Death In The West

This 1976 documentary film by Peter Taylor from the United Kingdom current affairs program “This Week.” The film aired only once in the UK before a court order was obtained preventing it from being re-aired.