Flight Attendant Medical Research Institute Publications and Presentations: 2002

Publications and Presentations: 2002

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Presentations and Abstracts 2002

Butts M, Sheedy D, Timm E, Pauly JL. Characterization of tobacco smoke-associated fluorescent human lung macrophages and identification of cell surface membrane antigens by flow cytometry. Presented at the RPCI Immunology Department Annual Retreat—Tumor Immunology: Challenges and Promise. Blasdell, NY, Jul 15-16, 2002.

Hedley AJ, McGhee SM, Repace JL, et al. Analysis of dose, exposure, and risk for Hong Kong catering workers exposed to secondhand smoke at work only. Presented at the joint 12th Conference of the International Society of Exposure Analysis and the 14th Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology. Vancouver, Canada, Aug 11-15, 2002.

Pauly JL, Butts MS, Stewart C, Cheney RT, Cummings KM, Baumann H. Cytokine production by human lung macrophages responding to different stimulants defined by Multiplex ImmunoBead binding and fluorescence-activated cytometry. Presented at the International Symposium: New Molecular Approaches for Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Respiratory Diseases. Santa Fe, NM, Oct 13-16, 2002.

Book Chapters, etc., 2002

Blum A, Solberg E. The Tobacco Pandemic. In: Mengel MB, Holleman WL, Fields SA, eds. Fundamentals of Clinical Practice, 2nd Edition. New York, NY: Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, 2002.